Enterprises (ACE)

Enterprises (ACE)


Our volunteers are a vital part of the ACE family. Staff and volunteers work together to deliver a service to the community in a dynamic, fun and inclusive environment. We have a number of different roles including supporting the store, doing deliveries, marketing and now helping with new work associated to the Remakery.

Remakery: Climate Challenge Champions Programme

We are keen to involve young people in the Remakery and by coming to volunteer you will enter into a ‘contract’ where we will work with you to develop a range of new skills and learn about ways you can help tackle the climate challenge in your community.

The volunteer placement scheme is staged to help ensure you are safe at every point of your training plan – starting in the Remakery and then moving through to work in the warehouse, shop, deliveries, reception and office as planned by the young person.

The Volunteer Coordinator will help arrange relevant training along the way to ensure you get the support you need to find longer term prospects in the community.

The Climate Challenge Champion programme it open to anyone up to 25 years old. For more details, please contact Lorna Fraser at

The Remakery

Find out more about The Remakery and the Reuse Café.

Practical Volunteers

We are keen to welcome skilled practical volunteers who can support our Climate Challenge Champions and also provide support to workshops and repair sessions to other local groups. As well as supporting ACE to make a local difference to a global problem it is a great way to be part of the community and meet new people and make friends.

If you are crafter, sewer, tinkerer, tradesperson or want to learn or just help, get in touch  at

Mindcraft Group

The Mindcraft group is a women’s group that takes on volunteers who either come into the shop once a week or are based at home due to health issues. The group are self-reliant which means they generate their own income from selling their donated clothes items at The Hub. The volunteers will help wash and iron the items (and get a little financial help to do that if they need it) and use the income from the shop for trips and events that they plan themselves. Marion is the group coordinator and welcomes any ladies to come along and join the group.

Mindcraft volunteer on recent trip to Callander